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Cavities can develop on any tooth and any surface area of any tooth. Once it starts, it will continue to get worse. Cavities don't always hurt, so they will begin and get worse without you realizing it.


At your check-ups, dentists use X-rays to detect decay on your teeth. They will clean the area and fill it with material to restore a tooth to its original size. We'll be happy to answer any questions before the process.

Preventing dental problems

  • Cleaner teeth mean a cleaner, healthier body and an attractive smile for life.

  • Checkups and cleanings every six months are recommended.

  • Oral exams included mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue.

  • Older fillings and restorations are checked for wear, chips, and cracks.

  • Stained, chipped, and misshapen teeth can be fixed in our office.

Why see a dentist?

Plaque is a colorless layer of bacteria that adheres to your teeth as it builds up in your mouth. As it grows, it produces an acid that decays teeth and gums. If we can prevent it from growing on your teeth, then we can prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

It's all about plaque

Prevent Dental Problems Before They Start

Studies show that people are keeping their teeth longer, thanks to preventative dental care. However, even those who brush and floss daily still need our help. Plaque is the biggest reason for tooth decay, but over-the-counter products can't replace professional dental care. Contact Ionia Family Dentistry in Ionia, MI, today for your next an appointment.

Improve your smile with:

  • Porcelain crowns

  • Veneers

  • Tooth whitening

  • Cosmetic dentistry

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1. Brush your teeth twice a day, preferably after meals, with a soft-bristle toothbrush. While you're at it, brush your tongue too and you'll get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath.


2. Use floss once a day to clean between your teeth. Bacteria can easily grow between teeth and below the gum line where tooth brushes can't reach.


3. Keep regular check-ups every 6 months because home dental care just isn't enough. Our special equipment can detect problems that you won't be aware of until it's too late.


4. Consider dental sealants, especially for children. It is an invisible protective coating applied to teeth, especially back teeth, to keep bacteria out of tiny spaces on your teeth.

How you can improve your dental health