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Get in touch with Ionia Family Dentistry for complete dental services for the entire family. From teeth cleaning and checkups to oral surgeries and extractions, you can get it all. So, schedule your appointment with us today and say goodbye to all your dental problems.

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"I want to get back on track." At Ionia Family Dentistry we understand that routine dental care is easy to let lapse. We can get you "caught up" in a short period of time. If you are not having any pain or discomfort, the first visit is collecting information and prioritizing your needs. It usually consists of a full set of x-rays, a periodontal evaluation to determine the type of cleaning you need, and a few intra-oral photos so we can both look at the same thing. After collecting the information we will spend time talking and prioritizing. Our staff is also able will also discuss insurance and scheduling concerns you may have.


"Please fix my problem. It hurts." When there is an immediate problem, the first priority is to eliminate it. Because we have highly trained staff and excellent scheduling personnel, we are often able to eliminate immediate problems you have during your first visit. We will encourage you to seek routine dental care, but understand if you choose a different path. We will gather the necessary information for the visit and keep it on the hard drive for future use.


"Time for a Cleaning." I received notice that it is time for a cleaning or I some treatment to complete. I’d like to schedule it.


"I’m Ready to Have it Done." We still have your x-rays and the appropriate documentation. They are useful. However, like rust on a car, dental problems usually get larger over time. If past information is significant, it will be used. If not, then current information (mostly x-rays) will be needed. We can eliminate your current concern or take the path that leads to a completely healthy mouth.